24 Amazing Travel Places of Colorado’s National Parks : Trends

24 Amazing Travel Places of Colorado’s National Parks : Trends

ONLY IN COLORADO does the world look like this. Canyons so narrow they see no sunlight, red rock formations springing out of dusty plateaus, ancient pueblos built into cliff faces, glacial lakes reminding us of our icy past — few places are as diverse as the Centennial State. Unsurprisingly, it has a roster of national parks, preserves, and monuments to prove it.

We’ll open with a few shots from Colorado’s best-known natural destination, Rocky Mountain National Park. But did you know there are four other NPS sites just as worthy of your attention (and your camera)? Let’s explore the list through these 24 images, from the lake valleys of Rocky Mountain to the rim of Colorado National Monument.


The 5.3-mile hike on the Glacier Gorge Trail takes you to the bottom of Half Mountain and right to the shores of Mills Lake, named for Enos Mills, the “father of Rocky Mountain National Park.” This is one of the most popular destinations in the park, so it’s best to go early. Make the trek, and you’ll enjoy Alberta Falls along the way.

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