Creative Arts Colorado Biz Money inaugural meet set for Aug. 18 in Centennial

CENTENNIAL — The inaugural meeting of the Creative Arts Colorado Biz Money Meetup will feature the money-raising plans of Keep It Moving Productions for the local production of a film titled “Diamond in the Rough.”

The meeting will be held Aug. 18 from 5-7 p.m. at Innovation Pavilion in Centennial.

Clay Walker, co-owner of Keep It Moving Productions, will direct the “Diamond in the Rough” film that tells the story of a runaway girl. The film is viewed as another step towards building the film industry in Colorado.

Keep It Moving Productions was founded in 2010 to develop theatrical motion pictures across a wide variety of genres for both domestic and international distribution.

Members of the public, art lovers and patrons, creative arts businesses, capital sources, service providers and community leaders are invited to join the Creative Arts Colorado Biz Money Meetup, a themed fund raising co-op, and register for the meeting:

Attendees will peer review plans for the capital campaign, provide feedback and determine how they can support the campaign. The presentation is not a ‘money pitch,’ organizers said, but an opportunity to improve upon the capital campaign before it is launched.

The mission of the organization is to help each of its members successfully raise money through their individual capital campaigns. By working together, the members hope to accomplish what may be impossible or extremely difficult to accomplish individually.

The fund raising co-op is supported by Local Money Marketplace PBC, a social enterprise dedicated to improving access to capital in Colorado.

“We plan to have fun while learning about how to raise capital and support Keep It Moving Productions’ capital campaign,” said Jon Wagner, director of programs for Creative Arts Colorado Biz Money.

“This will be an interesting program as we discuss how non-monetary rewards can incentivize an investment. Film productions offer an opportunity to get creative, such as getting a film credit as an ‘Assistant Executive Producer’ in exchange for an investment.

“We will be looking for ideas from attendees for other creative rewards at our meeting.”

The Creative Arts Colorado Biz Money Meetup will be presenting monthly programs and supporting a substantial number of capital campaigns for Colorado businesses and community projects that are focused on the creative arts: film, theatre, digital media, music, culinary and others.

More information on the Outdoor Recreation Capital Community can be obtained at

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