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Sure, taxes are a certainty in life — but what’s not so certain is if taxpayers are getting a good return on their investment.

They are in Colorado, according to a new WalletHub report that looks at the return on investment (ROI) of taxpayer dollars.

The Centennial State ranks fourth in the nation in the report, which ranked states based on how taxpayer dollars are spent.

Categories analyzed were as follows:

Education, including quality of university and school systems, projected high school graduation rates and share of idle youth (youth that aren’t working).Health, including hospital beds and infant-mortality rates per 1,000 residents, quality of public hospitals and health care, average health-insurance premiums and average life expectancy.Safety, including violent and property crime rates and vehicle fatalities.Economy, including median household income, unemployment and underemployment rates, share of residents living below poverty and annual job growth rate.Infrastructure and pollution, including road and bridge quality, average commute time, parks and recreation expenses per capita, water quality and air pollution.

Colorado ranked in the top 10 for health and its economy, but in the middle of the pack for education and safety — at 24th and 26th, respectively. The state ranked 12th for infrastructure & pollution and 14th for total taxes per capita.

The top 10 states for ROI are:

New HampshireFloridaSouth DakotaColoradoVirginiaAlaskaMissouriTexasUtahIowa

WalletHub is a Washington, D.C.-based financial analyst site.

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